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A fast and consistent internet connection and phone system is critical for business success.

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The Backbone of Your Business Should be Controlled by the IT Experts

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, offers a better, more economical way to communicate with your business partners, customers, and vendors. VoIP systems use high-speed Internet connections to make and receive phone calls. If you’re presently using an older analog business phone system – especially for long distance and overseas calls – VoIP can save you money while providing increased mobility for you and your employees. Complete Care IT, LLC can evaluate your current needs and offer VoIP solutions to replace or enhance your existing business phone system.

Complete Care IT, LLC’s VoIP packages give you:

  • Low-cost hardware, support and upgrades
  • Unlimited calling around the globe
  • New features that are not available with traditional phone systems
  • Installation, maintenance, and 24/7 support
  • Migration from your current business phone system to VoIP

If your business routinely makes long-distance or overseas calls, a VoIP package could save you thousands of dollars because your monthly rate remains constant, regardless of the number of calls you make or the distance between you and the person you call. Plus, with our business phone systems, you won’t have to make a huge capital investment in hardware that will quickly become obsolete.
As long as you have an Internet connection, you’ll be able to access your phone system and make and receive calls around the globe. For businesses with a traveling sales force, VoIP is a no-brainer since your employees can stay productive and in touch while on the road or working from home. What’s more, VoIP systems are flexible, allowing you to change or upgrade your service as your business grows.

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