2018 Annual Cyber Threat Report

SonicWALL has released their 2018 Annual Cyber Threat Report. With over 9 Billion attacks recorded over the last year to organizations of every size, security is more important than ever before.

Key findings from 2017:

  • SonicWALL detected over 9,320,000,000 malware attacks in 2017.
  • The number of unique malware types increased over 101% from 2016.
  • Malware is using encryption to hide from traditional detection methods.

SonicWALL 2018 Annual Cyber Threat Report

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What Facilities You Can Get Under Managed IT Services in Davie [Infographic]

The info-graphic titled “Facilities Covered under Managed IT Services in Davie” tells you what facilities a Managed IT Services can provide for you. Proactive management prevents IT issues from occurring in the first place. After having Managed IT services, you will get complete peace of mind because your technology is being monitored by a team of tech experts.

Managed IT services provides you conveniences such as:

  • Managed business computer services that monitor all aspects of your computer network to analyze issues
  • Business continuity and backup solutions which ensure that in the event of any hardware or data issue, your operation will continue to perform without missing a beat
  • You can get reach the help desk 24/7
  • Network security that helps safeguard your sensitive information
  • Integrated sales, accounting, and inventory solutions offer business management solutions to make it easier to runyour business operations
  • Multiple offices and remote employees where IT experts setup a robust and secure system that supports many employees from multiple locations, or even overseas
  • Telephone and internet connections whichare the backbone of every network infrastructure

To know more about managed IT services in Davie, refer to the info-graphic below.

Network Support Systems are critical in today’s business environment.

Every business enterprise runs on a multitude of communication systems today. These systems play a significant role in helping the enterprise collaborate with its business partners, and ensure that your day to day business operations run smoothly.

These communication systems, which include computers, telephones, faxes and handheld devices like smart phones, PDAs, tablets and laptops, are an integral part of every enterprise’s support infrastructure. Today, almost every enterprise has a considerable number of computers and communication tools like telephones, fax machines and personal handheld devices.

If you have a small office in Davie then you can also share intra-office data through e-mails without any hitch. However, when you consider this aspect in the context of a large company with multiple offices spread across the state or country, the problem of intra-office and intra-company communication is a greater challenge. The best solution for this networking problem is Network Support Davie. With network Support Services in Davie, you can cut costs drastically by devising a central data base of information that distributes data and information across your company in a streamlined way.

Why should you backup your computer data?

Since we perform every little task today on our computers, our computers are virtually a storehouse of all of our important data related to our personal as well as professional life. We also keep information related to credit cards and bank accounts, important passwords, and other key documents in our computer for use during our online transactions, which makes our computer a sensitive information storage device. This should be preserved and secured by a backup of computer data on a regular basis.

By performing a backup of your computer’s data, we can recover it even if the computer’s hard drive gets corrupted due to virus activity or if the hard drive is physically destroyed or damaged in an incident. Although backing up of computer data might seem a very insignificant process to you when everything is going fine and there are no glitches or warning signs of hard disk damage in your computer, imagine your sense of relief when your hard drive breaks down and you know that your data is still safe in a backup.

If you have computers at your workplace and home that you constantly use for work in Davie, you should call for computer backup Davie periodically to keep a backup of your computer data on a regular basis.

Office 365 Customers – Don’t Upgrade to iOS 11 Yet!

If your company uses Office 365 for business email, don’t upgrade your iPhones or iPads to the newly released iOS 11 just yet. There is a known issue in iOS 11 that will prevent the Mail app from sending or replying to Office 365 emails.

Apple and Microsoft are working on a fix, so hold off on that update button until one is released. If you use the Outlook app on the phone instead of the Mail app, you are not affected by this bug. If you have already upgraded and normally use the Mail app, you can install the Outlook app from the App Store to send and receive mail until the bug is resolved.

You can read the advisories from Microsoft and Apple at the following link:

Microsoft Support – You can’t send or reply from Outlook.com, Office 365, or Exchange 2016 in iOS 11 Mail.app

Apple Support – If you can‘t send an email with iOS 11 and an Outlook.com or Exchange mail account

If you are affected by this bug or have questions about upgrading, you can contact me at rlowell@completecareit.com or 954-908-3999.


Ryan Lowell