Fuel Your Growth with a Structured Cabling Infrastructure.

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What is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling is a standard procedure for organizing a business cabling system and IT network. It serves as a core location to integrate all devices connected to network infrastructure. This infrastructure serves a wide range of uses, such as to provide telephone service or transmit data back and forth between PCs, printers, servers, and other equipment.

Often times when your business has an IT issues to troubleshoot, the cabling running throughout your office is referenced or explored as the potential cause. If your cabling is lacking organization on runs or in the wiring closet, troubleshooting becomes problematic and potentially result in creating further issues.

We provide network wiring / data cabling / structured cabling services for companies in the Tamarac, FL area. Complete Care IT has years of experience planning and executing network wiring services and data cabling installations. Additionally, if you have an exisiting IT environment in need of additional drops or network wiring, we can assist with those projects as well. Our team has the experience necessary to perform a superior structured cabling installation.

Why choose Complete Care IT?

The method we use to deliver and maintain cabling installations are designed to meet both building codes and the range of communication requirements of your business.

Complete Care IT cabling engineers are available to conduct site surveys and walk-throughs, develop detailed infrastructure designs, and install a wide variety of data cabling and other transmission media. We can also provide ongoing support and maintenance for your IT environment.

Structured cabling is every businesses data backbone. It’s like a superhighway of information. The least you want to experience is an intermittent connection due to bad cabling design installation. CompuWorks lay cables like we own the business and this has been our selling-point for all of our clients.

Contact us now to learn more about our structured cabling services. We can walk you through everything we need to map out and strategize your organization’s IT network cabling to keep your infrastructure efficient- now, and in the future as technology advances.