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Server Protection through Remote Monitoring

Complete Care IT offers complete remote server monitoring solutions and services for companies like yours in Tamarac, FL.  We have customized software to perform remote monitoring on the condition of your server and report it back instantly, whether you have a single server, or multiple servers in different locations.  Our IT experts are able to analyze server activity, resource usage, downtime, response time, and event log changes.

Don’t let disaster affect your business.

Servers are an integral part of day-to-day business that enables users to connect with the centralized information available to the organization. Some servers are tasked to perform computing tasks or running applications that simplify work for the whole. Furthermore, servers are built to manage, store, send and process data, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 356 days a year. It is wise to invest in a good server since it brings greater reliability than their desktop counterparts.

Although it is more reliable than your traditional PC, servers can crash when there’s no proper monitoring involved. Most of the company’s processes are done by the server, which makes it prone to system overload. Moreover, external threats can bring the server down without proper security. Your servers need to be monitored regularly in order to anticipate and counter the factors that may crash your server. Remember, a crashing server stops all activities, work is interrupted and everything is at a standstill until the server is restored.

Complete Care IT can help you with this.

Benefits of Server Monitoring:

  • Business Continuity –  Small issues like sudden network interruption and irregularities can be addressed before becoming a large issue that can paralyze the entire system.
  • Increased Security – Continuous monitoring and update monitoring makes it harder for hackers to undermine the system.
  • Resource Capacity –  Resource monitoring notifies you when it is time to upgrade to better hardware. Should you need a bigger hard disk space or a better processor, we can let you know, to ensure you have a seamless server experience.

There are even more benefits to server monitoring.  Let’s talk!  Should you need to protect your servers from crashing and need immediate solutions for sudden server issues, you can count on us.

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Contact us at 954-306-9505 or