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Complete Care IT Services | North Miami, FL

Complete Care IT is the preferred IT services provider in North Miami, FL. If you are in need of an IT company to maintain or grow your business’s information technology infrastructure, you can count on us. Our IT services include:

Whether you are a start-up, or a growing company in need of more computing power, our IT consultants are here for you. Our consulting services focus on your most critical issues and opportunities such as flexibility, cost-efficiency, quality of service and future-proof technology.  Our deep, functional expertise helps us ensure that we understand your specific challenges and needs.  We transform slow, expensive and unreliable IT infrastructure into a fast and powerful system while staying within your budget.
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With our cloud services, our clients are able to utilize virtualization, extend computing power, run and scale business-critical enterprise apps and perform advanced data management. By leveraging your business through the cloud, you will have the ability to tailor technology to your business needs. Your team can easily collaborate and get more tasks done than before. With the ability to work from anywhere, cloud technology lets you share data and work with your employees with no extra hardware required.
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Technology is only great when it is working.  Many businesses lose hours of productivity trying to find and fix tech issues that they don’t understand. With our IT helpdesk team, you will always have someone there for you to identify causes of problems and resolve them quickly and efficiently.  Our helpdesk engineers have the talent and knowledge to help you with all of your IT issues and requests.
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Every business owner knows the importance of communication in running a successful business.  And by communication, it doesn’t only mean people to people, but computer systems too. A network infrastructure consists of various hardware components and software applications such as routers, switches, data centers, access points, telephony and more. With a lot of gears moving on the network side of IT, this makes it both challenging and complicated. For over 10 years, we’ve been providing network technology solutions to our clients, ensuring their systems and employees are connected to each other and the outside world.
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We also offer the following services:

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Industries we serve

  • Business process companies
  • Financial services
  • Medical institutions
  • Educational organizations
  • Brick and mortar restaurants
  • Manufacturing and fabricators
  • Government and public sectors