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Server Virtualization | Miramar, FL

Complete Care IT is your go-to company in Miramar, FL for server virtualization solutions.  Our expert server virtualization support team will set up your IT infrastructure with the best technology to help your business become more efficient and productive. Call us today to learn more about our server virtualization services.

What is server virtualization?

Server virtualization is a technique that involves partitioning a physical server into several small virtual servers with the help of virtualization software. In server virtualization, each virtual server runs multiple operating system instances at the same time.

A server administrator uses virtualization software to partition one physical server into multiple isolated virtual environments; each virtual environment is capable of running independently. One application per server also makes it easier to track down problems as they arise. It’s a simple way to streamline a computer network from a technical standpoint

With over 10 years of actual and in-depth experience, Complete Care IT has developed the expertise on Server Virtualization including VMware, Cloud Servers, Citrix, Microsoft and more. 

How can virtualization help your business?

Prevents any malware that gets into your system from spreading because the applications are in a virtualized environment and not running on your local machine.

Managing virtual machines is easier than managing “physical” ones. All hardware upgrades can be done using a management console application, rather than doing the tedious cycles of manual upgrades for each machine.

In addition to savings in hardware costs, virtualization software will help you lower energy costs. The energy costs of running a server in a datacenter are more than the costs of acquiring it.

Backing up and restoring files is a lot less time-consuming than doing it on individual machines. While the files can be huge, a directory of many files is still easier to restore than a real machine of the same specifications.

Fewer physical servers means less time spent maintaining and managing hardware. Virtualization allows your IT department to be more efficient and agile, reducing all the traditional labor-intensive tasks.

Advantages of Virtualization

  • Increased usage of hardware equipment
  • Increases test efficiency and development
  • Reduces software installation and configuration operations
  • Better failure management

Server virtualization was invented in the 90’s, and took a while to catch on.  But, in recent years, the adoption and utilization of virtualization in the business sector has exploded. Companies now realize that they were wasting time and resources to keep their IT hardware infrastructure updated and maintained the old way.

In today’s modern age of technology, server virtualization is the right approach if you want a cost-efficient, reliable, and flexible operating system environment with all the advantages and benefits mentioned above.

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