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Protect Your Computer Network from All Forms of Attack.

Did you know that a single security breach could compromise your entire network? You risk losing sensitive and confidential information to hackers if your network is inadequately protected. At Complete Care IT, LLC we provide professional network security consulting and assessment services and proudly serve Davie, FL.  Our expert consultants take the security of your network seriously.  We understand your network plays an integral part in the success of your organization, and we want to give it the best protection possible.

Network Security Services in South Florida Area

Network Security services from Complete Care IT include:

Security Assessment
We perform a thorough assessment of your current network security and close all potential weak spots.

Antivirus Software
Keep malicious cyber security threats at bay.

Advanced protection to block unauthorized access and external attacks.

Virtual Private Networks
Access your network securely from anywhere.

Complete Care IT deploys best-in-class security software, including advanced encryption, antivirus, intelligent filter, and much more, to secure your network against common threats including viruses, malware, trojan, worms, and hacker attacks.